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Video: Health Transportation Issues

Recently, I have been advocating for the BC government to re-evaluate the BC Travel Assistance Program to ensure that money is being spent in a way that best suits residents who use the program. Click here to watch news coverage …

CBC Daybreak North: The Volunteer Undertaker

There are no official funeral services on Haida Gwaii. So resident George Westwood was offering those services for free. That is, until a complaint filed with Consumer Protection B.C. made him stop his charitable acts.  With more on this story …

Op-ed: B.C. must reconcile with its past official racism against Chinese Canadians

A “White Man’s Province” was more than a slogan, a political excess. It was a primary feature of B.C. government policy for seven decades after B.C. joined Canada in 1871, with Chinese Canadians a constant target of hostile action by their provincial government and legislature. British Columbia passed an avalanche of discriminatory legislation in this period—a record not matched in any other Canadian province.