Press Release: Former staffer’s allegations expose Liberal secrecy about Highway of Tears

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For Immediate Release

May 28, 2015

Former staffer’s allegations expose Liberal secrecy about Highway of Tears

VICTORIA – A former executive assistant to the Minister of Transportation is alleging he was ordered to destroy more than a dozen emails requested under the Freedom of Information Act in November of 2014.

In a letter to Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, former executive assistant Tim Duncan says when he balked at destroying emails related to the Highway of Tears, a ministerial assistant “took away my keyboard, deleted the emails and returned the keyboard, stating ‘it’s done. Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore.’”

Duncan writes that his ongoing concerns were dismissed and he was told, “It’s like The West Wing. You do whatever it takes to win.”

“I am utterly appalled that the BC Liberals would go to such lengths to hide information about the Highway of Tears. This has huge implications as to the government’s failure to address the real life safety issues for women who are traveling on Highway 16.This blatantly shows how the BC Liberals are disrespecting the memory of each woman who has gone missing or been murdered along the Highway of Tears.” Rice stated after question period.

Rice says this is a complete slap in the face for the families of the missing and murdered women of the Highway of Tears. British Columbians deserve a government that is open and honest, a government that does not sweep its mess under the rug.




Alexie Stephens