Youth to Help Shape the Future of B.C. Through new Council

October 6, 2021

Victoria — The next generation of B.C.’s leaders will have a new platform to help shape government policy and priorities through the creation of the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council.

The council, which will be made up of youth 14 to 26, will provide direct and ongoing feedback to Brittny Anderson, the Premier’s special adviser on youth, on the issues that matter most to young people.

“From climate change to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, young people are facing considerable challenges. That’s why it is critical to have young leaders at the table to find solutions,” said Premier John Horgan. “The StrongerBC Young Leaders Council will have our government’s ear as part of an ongoing dialogue. We want to know what matters most to B.C.’s youth and to make sure they have a say in building a stronger province and a brighter future for everyone.”

The StrongerBC Young Leaders Council will seek to include youth throughout the province who are Indigenous, Black or people of colour, who live in rural or remote areas, young people living with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+ and other young leaders from equity-seeking communities. Presenting the viewpoints of under-represented groups to government is a priority of this council.

Applications for the council are now open. People interested in applying should visit:

Council members will be appointed for a one-year term and have the option to continue with the council for up to three years. Meetings will be held every three months with a mix of in-person and online.

“I’ve been so inspired by the determination and resiliency of young people who are advocating for a better, more equitable future for everyone,” said Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation. “This council provides a platform where we can listen and learn from youth so together we can build a more inclusive, innovative and sustainable future. This council will help chart B.C.’s economic future.”

Topics may include economic recovery, the environment and natural resources, climate change, education, housing, mental health and other areas important to youth. Ministries from across government may submit ideas for discussion at council meetings.

“This is an exciting opportunity for young people across B.C. to meet like-minded leaders who want to make a difference,” Anderson said. “This new council gives our future leaders a voice, and our government is committed to listening to that voice as we look to shape our province for generations to come.”

The StrongerBC Young Leaders Council supports the B.C. government’s commitment to an inclusive, innovative and sustainable economic recovery for everyone who lives in B.C.


Kishoore Ramanathan, premier of the 93rd British Columbia Youth Parliament –

“The voices of young people must be heard at all levels of government. As youth, we have unique perspectives and diverse experiences that can contribute meaningfully to public policy. Decisions that are being made today will directly affect our generation and continue to affect generations to come. I encourage young British Columbians from all corners of the province to consider putting their name forward for the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council to represent their community and youth leaders everywhere. Our voice matters.”

Sophia Nguyen, interim chief executive officer, B.C. Youth Council –

“As a youth leader in B.C. and a high school student looking into the future, I feel it is vital for young people to learn how to tap in and engage with the opportunities and resources that interest and assist them. I encourage youth to apply for the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council to help our society be better prepared for the future by communicating to government what matters most to youth.”

Quick Facts:

  • As special adviser on youth, Anderson serves as the point person for young people across government, providing a platform for them to engage directly with the Province.
  • Anderson will chair the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council.
  • Applicants under 19 will require a signed parent/guardian consent form.

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To learn more about the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council, visit:

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