Statement from Jennifer Rice on Highway of Tears Bus Announcement

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June 16, 2016

Statement from Jennifer Rice on Highway of Tears Bus Announcement

“Yesterday’s decision by the BC Liberals to implement a public transportation system along Highway 16 is long overdue.

The implementation of a bus system along Highway 16 is an idea that has been recommended by various groups for years, including the Wally Oppal Commission in 2012 and the Highway of Tears Symposium in 2006.

While I am happy that women along Highway 16 are finally going to have safe and affordable transportation to get them to and from appointments, work, school, shopping and family gatherings, I am also frustrated that it took this government so long to implement this solution.

This transportation system will no doubt keep women safer along the highway, however, I cannot help but think about the women this would have helped if it had been in place many years ago, when first recommended.

Although we cannot bring back the murdered and we have yet to solve the mysteries of the missing, this can be considered a win for communities along the Highway of Tears.

We can all be thankful that women in the future have more options. I hope that we can continue on this path towards justice for the victims and their families of the highway of tears.

I look forward to learning more about the details and the logistics of this initiative and how this service will be sustainable in the long term.”


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