Speech from the Throne

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When a new session of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia is formally opened, it is done so by the reading of the Speech from the Throne. Written by the government, it explains why the Legislative Assembly is being called and to outline the government’s broad goals for the coming session.

The Lieutenant Governor, the Queen’s representative in British Columbia, read the speech from the Throne inside the Assembly today. The current Lieutenant Governor is Judith Guichon.

Today was full of ceremony and tradition. Cannons were bought to the harbour outside the Legislature for a 15-gun salute, which happened while the Lieutenant Governor inspected the Guard of Honour on the front drive way. The Lieutenant Governor then entered the Parliament Buildings through the Ceremonial Entrance and proceeded to the chamber where my fellow Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) were assembled to hear the speech.

After the Speech from the Throne was read, we (MLAs) have six sitting-days to debate the government’s goals for the year ahead. The debate is called Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne.

After debate has ended, MLAs vote to support of defeat the Throne Speech. This vote is very important, as it displays the Legislative Assembly’s support for the government.

The New Democrat Government’s Speech from the Throne touched on three key goals: Making life more affordable, bringing back the services people count on and creating a sustainable economy for everyone.