Press Release: MLA Jennifer Rice confirms continuation of volunteer funeral services on Haida Gwaii

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PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. – March 26, 2015 – Today in question period the Justice Minister backtracked on remarks she made earlier regarding the volunteer funeral services that George Westwood had been providing to Haida Gwaii.

MLA Jennifer Rice asked the Minister of Justice to apologize for her callous remarks, stating that Mr. Westwood was not “suitable” to provide funeral services.

Today, the Minister of Justice declared that Mr. Westwood was a knowledgeable volunteer who could be a great assistance to families in their time of need and that he “may be continuing to help families in Haida Gwaii. He may do that as a volunteer.”

After question period, MLA Rice commented, I’m glad that George is able to go back to providing volunteer funeral services. I know from many constituents on Haida Gwaii that he is an incredible and beloved asset to the community.”

Rice also noted, “This BC Liberal Government is clearly out of touch with the needs of rural British Columbia.”

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