CFTK-TV: MLA Jennifer Rice Calling On BC Government to Release Air shed Study

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September 17, 2015 | Christa Dao |CFTK-TV

Jennifer Rice is calling on the provincial government to release a study conducted on Prince Rupert’s Air shed immediately.

In December last year, the Ministry of environment announced funding a 500-thousand dollar scientific study on Prince Rupert’s airshed.

The study will include a review and analysis of air emissions — both existing and proposed emissions.

This includes the proposed LNG terminals, proposed oil refinery, as well as existing and proposed Port Authority development.

Rice says the report is long overdue.

“Well its four months past its due date, where are we at with that report. If it’s delayed, what is the reason. If it’s not delayed, if they’re holding back for some reason, I want to know what is that reason. I understand work has been done we’d like to see it. Public deserves to see it. In light of quite a few issues lately around companies not performing up to standard, it would be important to know that the air shed is protected for people in the Prince Rupert area.”

Conclusions from the study will be used to inform environmental assessment work as well as regulatory decisions for LNG and other industrial proponents in the Prince Rupert area.

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