Grant opportunities for community groups and organizations

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Businesses are not the only ones that have felt the economic impact of the pandemic.

Community groups and organizations are also reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Most recreational activities and gatherings have come to a halt, which has affected everything from recreational sports, to community choirs, and even charities providing important services.

But we can’t let the valuable work these groups and organizations provide to our community come to a complete stop. We need to start planning for the recovery and ensure all the projects that were put on hold before the pandemic are able to restart so we can have thriving communities.

This is why I have put together a list of resources groups and organizations in the North Coast can tap into to access funding to get your activities started again as we fight the pandemic.

If your community group or organization is in need of funding, please look through these resources and see if you qualify for a grant.

Local and Regional Grant Opportunities

Provincial Grant Opportunities

You can also search this provincial grant database for more grant opportunities.

Federal Grant Grant Opportunities