International Women’s Day

Are you grateful for maternity leave? The right to vote? Females in politics fighting for equality? International Women’s day is today, March 8.   Read more about B.C. women’s contributions here.  

Be prepared for COVID19

As Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness, I’ve spoken many times about the need to get good and ready for potential emergencies. The COVID-19 virus is no exception, but in the case of this illness, there are some very simple precautions …

Taking stock of BC NDP accomplishments.

I’m proud of the actions our BC NDP government has taken to reduce childcare costs, eliminate MSP premiums, increase Income Assistance and Disability Rates and save families thousands of dollars annually.

Celebrating Ground Search and Rescue

Search and rescue volunteers selflessly leave their homes and families to save others, no matter the weather, no matter the time. They don’t hesitate to jump into action to save neighbours and strangers alike. March 2nd is Search and Rescue …