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Province provides record funding for search and rescue groups.

Our government is listening to GSAR organizations and we’re working towards dedicated funding. This will ensure that volunteers have more time to train and prepare for emergencies, instead of having to organize fundraisers.   Learn more here

Historic agreement signed in the Bella Coola Valley

Natural disasters don’t care about jurisdictional boundaries. This memorandum of understanding will help bring communities together to keep everyone safe and be better prepared for future disasters. Follow the link to learn more:…/historic-mou-signed-be…/

Government Restores Coastal Ferry Service

MORE FANTASTIC NEWS for the NORTH COAST ! Today, your B.C. NDP government has announced that we are increasing the number of B.C. Ferry sailings, restoring them to their 2014 service levels that were cut under the B.C. Liberals. For …

End of Session Update

Take a moment to get caught up with my end of session update!   End of Session Update These homes will be delivered in 12 projects around the province. They are the first step in the government’s new Building BC: …

Learn about CleanBC!

Since my appointment as Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness I’ve witnessed unprecedented wildfires, floods, and now droughts. The challenge of climate change is real and impacting people across B.C. – by responding now we can protect our health, our nature …

Funding on the way for Grand Forks

I visited Grand Forks to announce $2.9 million dollars in support for small businesses impacted by this past Spring’s catastrophic flooding. Learn more here:      

I voted for Proportional Representation

Today I voted for proportional representation. My first pick is rural – urban (RUP) followed by mixed member (MMP) and then Dual member proportional (DMP). No matter which form of proportional representation you choose, you’ll always have a local MLA. …

Additional Support for Wildfire Recovery

To assist individuals and families still recovering from the record wildfire season, your government is partnering with the Canadian Red Cross to provide an additional $10 million of support. Learn more here: