Select Standing Committee for Health Accepting Submissions

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Nov. 13, 2014

 Select Standing Committee for Health Accepting Submissions

PRINCE RUPERT –  The Select Standing Committee for Health is reaching out to British Columbians to provide suggestions for strategies to maintain and improve our healthcare system to ensure that it meets the needs of all citizens.

The Committee has been mandated by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to identify potential strategies for maintaining a sustainable health care system.

Select standing committees are a way for constituents to have their voices heard regarding government spending and policies. Submissions are taken seriously and considered when committee members are making recommendations.

“The North Coast region provides specific challenges to the B.C. healthcare system, and it is important that residents have their voices heard on this matter. North Coast and other rural residents deserve the same level of care and access to care that all other British Columbians enjoy,” said Jennifer Rice, New Democrat MLA for North Coast.

As budget pressures are anticipated to intensify, the Committee is posing a number of questions regarding strategies for maintaining the long term sustainability and quality of B.C.’s health care system. Submissions should answer the following questions:

  • How can we improve health and health care services in rural British Columbia? In particular, what long-term solutions can address the challenges of recruitment and retention of health care professionals in rural British Columbia?
  • How can we create a cost-effective system of primary and community care built around interdisciplinary teams?
  • What best practices can be implemented to improve end-of-life care?
  • What best practices can be implemented to improve end-of-life care?

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2014.

For more information on the committee or how to make submissions, please contact North Coast Community office at: 250-624-7734 or 818 3rd Ave West, Prince Rupert.

Media Contact: Alexie Stephens 250-624-7734