Jennifer Rice to hear about maternity care in Bella Bella

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For Immediate Release

April 19, 2016


VICTORIA— New Democrat MLA for the North Coast and Northern Health Spokesperson Jennifer Rice will visit Bella Bella to hear from parents, advocates and service providers regarding access to maternity care.

 “One of the biggest issues I hear when talking about rural health is timely access to maternal care,” said Rice, the MLA for North Coast.

 “Expectant mothers in rural B.C. often find themselves having to travel long distances to see doctors, midwives or obstetricians, and for ultrasounds or other basic services that women in larger centres take for granted. If their pregnancy is high risk, those appointments are even more frequent, and the stress and travel time is even greater.”

 Rice will also visit Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Dawson Creek, and the Peace Valley on her Maternity Matters tour.

 “The purpose of the tour is to hear from parents, advocates and service providers and talk about practical solutions, so women in northern and rural communities have fair access to basic maternal care.”

 Rice invites interested parties to attend a community roundtable she’s hosting on Maternity Health tomorrow.

 When: Wednesday April 20, 2016 at 10 a.m.

 Where: Heiltsuk Youth Centre